Grow With Nature Consulting

Grow With Nature Consulting

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About Grow With Nature Consulting

Grow with Nature Consulting helps to cultivate professional relationships with Nature to foster more sustainable and restorative business practices. By doing so, we are hoping to promote a paradigm shift with mental health to make our professional approaches more normalized and sustainable for everyone.

Utilizing a Nature Based Therapy approach, we provide outdoor restorative retreats for personal or professional growth, training for professionals looking to incorporate Nature Based Therapy within their own profession, and consultation to organizations to support their development of a holistic mental health informed program.  

Please watch our *FREE* recording “A Brief Intro to Nature Based Therapy” for an overview of this approach. 

We believe that the most valuable teacher is Nature, and while Science can capture the positive outcomes, intentional experiences are the best way to capture the sacred wisdom of Nature. Consulting opportunities aim to personalize growth by utilizing up-to-date mind body research, normalized and validated through the restorative lens of Nature.  

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⸙⸙⸙ Professional Opportunities ⸙⸙⸙

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Learn how to foster a professional relationship with Nature to help improve your overall professional experience.

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Learn more about how we can personalize a professional retreat or offer educational opportunities to meet your specific needs.

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To increase access to educational content we also offer virtual classes about Nature Based Therapy with CE opportunities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and promote a thriving connection with Nature to foster sustainable, holistic wellness for professionals, businesses, individuals, families, and the overall community. Services will be unique to identified needs and may include outdoor experiential retreats, workshops, virtual consultation training, and programming support.