“Alice’s class is understandable, comprehensive, and dynamic. Alice covers the bases of what it means to do Nature Based Therapy with her thorough curriculum. Highly recommend to those interested in learning about this modality!"
Licensed Professsional counselor
Nature Based Certificate Participant
"This experience taught me how to explore and collaborate with Nature in a functional way that connects children and families to themselves and each other. I have learned that nature is a tool that can support a child’s social, emotional, and physical development."
occupational therapist
Nature Based Certificate Participant
"Having Nature as a co-therapist has helped me to solidify my identity as a systems based therapist because nature is inherently systemic. Nature Based Therapy has so much possibility and really allows a client to work at their own pace and practice acknowledging their own needs."
MCFC Intern
Nature Based Therapy Certificate Participant
"In an outdoor Nature based session, I have been able to engage in client-led therapy sessions in a way I have not been able to in the office. I can truly meet my clients where they are at and showcase that they are already capable of regulation, or meaning finding. Nature Based Therapy inspires and reminds me to meet my clients where they are at to reinforce their own capabilities."
Nature Based Therapy Certificate Participant
"Nature Based Therapy has helped me not experience burnout & provide a unique lens to the therapeutic process as I can collaborate with Nature for support as my co-therapist. Nature-based therapy recognizes the interconnectedness of individuals with their environment, emphasizing the importance of systems theory and not identifying an individual as a problem.
MFT Associate
Nature Based Therapy Certificate Participant
"This is very much an experiential modality. It highlights how Nature is an essential element to healthy emotional well-being. I really liked Alice’s skill of using simple yet specific questions that facilitated more depth to the conversation!"
Self-Care for Professionals
"I loved it and I'm so grateful that Alice is doing this!! Alice was great, knowledgeable and calming. I'm going to do my best to spread the word and I already did with our school psychologist and nurse practitioner in the school based health clinic I work in."
Workshop Participant
Trauma and the Brain
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