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The most comprehensive way we offer to learn about Nature Based Therapy is by attending our Nature Based Therapy Certificate class. But, in order to increase access to educational content we also offer free webinars through our Nature Based Therapy Professional Networking Meeting. We recommend you start with our “A Brief Intro to Nature Based Therapy“. Webinars will be first presented live through Zoom, and then the recording will be posted at a later time. By participating in the live webinar, attendees consented to the use of the recording. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

We are able to continue offering free webinars through our non-profit thanks to grants and donations from people like you. If you are able to, please consider donating at least a minimum of $5 per video to help us maintain free access to content.

All CE eligible webinars will meet OBLPCT guidelines. If you’d like to receive CEs through a governing board such as NASW, please contact us.

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river therapy

Explore what is (and is not) Nature Based Therapy. This brief intro is intended to challenge the ‘standard way’ of approaching treatment and encourage a more holistic perspective on mental health.

By: Alice Nelson, MS, LMFT
1 CE available, click here to watch!

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Explore how humans can co-regulate with Nature through intentional immersive experiences that promote positive physical and mental health outcomes.

By: Julie Baxter, MS, LPC
1 CE available, click here to watch!