Mindfulness Workshop Agenda

nature path walkway

Participate in a restorative 2.5 hour workshop focused on connecting with nature. Workshop will include up-to-date research on nature and the brain, as well as hands on mindfulness activities (e.g. purposeful movement, connection with nature, meditation, mind/body integration).”

Mindfulness Workshop Agenda (2.5 hours)

My Introduction (10 minutes)
-introduce self and style
-provide brief agenda

Create Space for Being More Present (10 minutes)
-highlight not doing introductions yet, create space to be more present
-talk about how we tend to forget to make sure our bodies are present
-“How do you get more present and make sure both your mind and body is here?”
–e.g. stretching, meditating, movement, breathing
-provide a few minutes for people to use their preferred way to be more present

Introductions (15 minutes)
-go around circle for introductions
–name, and what’s your relationship to nature?
-reflect on relationships highlighted
–why this workshop? what are everyone’s hopes? 
-reflect on answers, explore how this can be further incorporated into workshop

Discussion About Mindfulness (20 minutes)
-How does everyone define mindfulness?
-Why is mindfulness important?
-Provide up-to-date education about mindfulness 
-Incorporate nature based perspective into discussion

Small Group Discussion (10 minutes)
-How do you practice mindfulness?
-Struggles with practicing mindfulness?
-How to incorporate nature in?

Mindfulness Activity (5 minutes)
-Led mindfulness activity (let group decide if more active or relaxed)

Discussion on Emotions/Regulation State and Mindfulness (25 minutes)
-psycho-education on hand model of the brain and how we experience emotions
-discuss neuro-psychological research on the 4 emotional physical states
-how modern technology distracts from self-awareness and being present
-mindfulness: ”ability to be still long enough to hear the voice you want to hear”
-eco-psychology; first major trauma is civilization and disconnection with nature
-importance of feeling safe and grounded
-non-verbal emotional brain; creative self; nature based metaphors!

Small Group Discussion (10 minutes)
-utilize nature based metaphors for each person to describe their mindfulness state based in different environments
–(e.g. water metaphor example)
-ideas on how they can be better self-aware of their mindfulness

Mindfulness Activity (5 minutes)
-provide different nature items for participants to engage with
-use all senses to focus on being present with the item
-focus on as much detail of the item with every sense
-no talking
-at end of activity have participants observe their own body

Self-Reflection/Journaling (10 minutes)
-reflect on experience
-journal how to be still, incorporate mindfulness into life
-any questions

Group Discussion/Share (10 minutes)
-share reflections
-answer questions

Progressive Muscle Relaxation/Guided Meditation (15 minutes)
-progressive muscle relaxation activity
-finding quiet internal safe space

Saying Goodbye (5 minutes)
-overall reflections/questions
-what have you gained? what do you want to let go of?
-highlight importance of rituals: SHAKE IT OFF!