Nature Based Self-Care Workshop Agenda

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“Participate in a restorative 2.5 hour workshop focused on revitalizing self-care practices through connecting with nature. Workshop will include experiential activities promoting self-reflection, as well as tuning in with nature’s wisdom to better inform current self-care practices (e.g. defining self-care, examining views of growth, exploration of setting boundaries).”

Nature Based Self-Care Workshop Agenda (2.5 hours)

My Introduction (10 minutes)
-introduce self and style
-provide brief agenda

Create Space for Being More Present (10 minutes)
-highlight not doing introductions yet, create space to be more present
-talk about how we tend to forget to make sure our bodies are present
-“How do you get more present and make sure both your mind and body is here?”
–e.g. stretching, meditating, movement, breathing
-provide a few minutes for people to use their preferred way to be more present

Introductions (15 minutes)
-go around circle for introductions
–name, and what thing in nature best represents you when at home/relaxed vs. work/stressed?
-reflect on relationships highlighted
–why this workshop? what are everyone’s hopes? 
-reflect on answers, explore how this can be further incorporated into workshop

Non-Verbal Mindfulness Group Activity (10 minutes)
-introduce fun non-verbal mindfulness activity
-encourage focus solely on the activity
-challenge abilities
-reflect on experience, non-verbal communication

Verbal Mindfulness Group Activity (10 minutes)
-tossing imaginary ball
-incorporate different topics that may get in the way of self-care
-group reflection; what other things could get in the way?

Partner Discussion (5 minutes)
-encourage partners to discuss primary struggles with self-care
-share with larger group

*Activities will be tailored based on identified struggles.*

Conversation: What is self-care? (10 minutes)
-how does everyone define self-care?
-is it yet another thing expected that we do?
–and if we don’t successfully do it, we are failing
-how to define self-care in the context of nature?
–what do other species naturally do to take care of themselves?

Partner Discussion (10 minutes)
-think of a well known living thing in nature
-how does that thing manage struggles that were previously discussed?
-what are insights discovered?

Large Group (10 minutes)
-partner groups share their insight
-ask further questions to deepen conversations/perspectives
–also encourage alternative perspectives to the idea of “struggles”

Mindfulness Activity (10 minutes)
-Led mindfulness activity (let group decide if more active or relaxed)

Self-Reflection Writing Activity (5 minutes)
-think of another thing in nature that grows
-describe it’s growth process in as many ways as possible 

Large Group (15 minutes)
-everyone shares their observations
–highlight how similar/different their observations are to their own process

Large Group Setting Boundaries Activity (15 minutes)
-each person gets a role in eco-system
-what does it need to thrive? what resources?
-how do they all fit together? can they all co-exist in healthy eco-system?

Relaxation Activity (10 minutes)
-lead a group agreed upon relaxation activity to decompress
–(e.g. progressive muscle relaxation, fun activity, guided meditation)

Saying Goodbye (5 minutes)
-overall reflections/questions
-what have you gained? what do you want to let go of?
-highlight importance of rituals: SHAKE IT OFF!